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Weekly History: July 5th-11th

July 5th

1903 – Born – Mildred Vida VAN PRICE – Mildred is my great-grandmother on my mother’s side. She was born in Hutchins, Shawano Co., Wisconsin. In 1921, she married my great-grandfather, Leon DEBROUX. She passed away in 1994, so I was able to get to know her a little bit.

July 6th

1846 – Born – Charles Ludovicus VAN PARIJS – Charles is my 3rd-great-grandfather on my mother’s side. He was born in Ijzendijke, Zeeland, Netherlands. You may see the resemblance in the surnames of Charles and Mildred above. It turns out that VAN PRICE is the Americanized version of VAN PARIJS. Once I figured that out, I found a ton of information as I posted about before. Charles is Mildred’s grandfather. We are not sure when Charles died, as he went missing in 1922.

1959 – Died – Minnie M MUHM – Minnie is my great-great-grandmother. She was born on 12 Jul 1879 in Wisconsin. She was married to Pieter Franciscus VAN PARIJS, who is Charles’ son, and was Mildred’s mother. I sense a theme here. She passed away at Port Washington, Ozaukee Co., Wisconsin and is buried at Union Cemetery there.

July 8th

1722 – Died – Madeleine PEPIN – Madeleine is my 9th-great-grandmother on my mother’s side. She was born 19 Nov 1657 in Trois-Rivieres, St. Maurice, Quebec, Canada. She married Francois ROUSSEL in 1671. She passed away at Trois-Rivieres, St. Maurice, Quebec, Canada.

July 9th

1920 – Died – Johanna Maria KREBBEKX – Johanna is my 3rd-great-grandmother. Here we go with the theme again. Johanna was Charles’ wife and Mildred’s grandmother. Johanna was born 11 Sep 1846 in Holland. She married Charles in 1870. She passed away at Phlox, Langlade Co., Wisconsin.

July 10th

1653 – Married – Laurent GIGNAC-GIGNARD & Marie Elisabeth Sorin SORET – Laurent and Marie are my 10th-great-grandparents on my mother’s side. They had at least one child, my ancestor, Francois GRIGNAC in about 1657.

1948 – Died – Frank F BRAATZ – Frank is my great-great-grandfather on my father’s side. He was born 17 Apr 1867 in Germany. In 1891, he married Margaret K STEARNS. He passed away at Ashland, Ashland Co., Wisconsin and is buried there at Mt. Hope Cemetery.

July 11th

1715 – Died – Louise VACHON – Louise is my 9th-great-grandmother on my mother’s side. She was born 25 May 1662 at Beauport, Montmorency, Canada (which I think is in Quebec.) She married Leonard PAILLE in 1678 and passed away at Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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I started genealogy research about mid-1999. My grandfather had passed away in April of that year. Since then I’ve done a lot of research not only for myself, but for friends and other relatives. In 2006, I married the love of my life, Darcy, and welcomed the birth of our daughter, Aerissa Jean, in 2010 and our son, Xander Lee, in 2012. I can’t wait to tell them stories about all of their ancestors.

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Laurent Gignac & Marie Elizabeth Sorin were also my 10th great grandparents. The paternal Gignac bloodline from there were Francois, Jacques, Jacques, Pierre, Olivier, Francois, Ferdinand, Simon and my father Guy. Seems my Great grandfather Ferdinand emigrated to the upper peninsula of Michigan sometime around 1890 or so.

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