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Weekly History: June 27th – July 3rd

I missed the Way Back Wednesday this week, oops. Anyway, here is the weekly history for this week. As always, you can find this on the Dates & Anniversaries page.

June 28th

2005 – Died – Edwin Bernard CORRIGAN – Edwin is my great-granduncle on my father’s side. He was the last surviving child of Thomas & Emma Jane CORRIGAN. I met him many times at a few of the family reunions. He was a very nice man and was very interested in genealogy, which was good for that side of the family. I transcribed a few of his letters in the past and put them on my site. He was born 4 Oct 1909 in Ashland, Ashland Co., Wisconsin. He married Esther Mae EIDE and has one child. He passed away in L’Anse, Baraga Co., Michigan at the age of 95.

June 29th

1725 – Died – Louis QUINET – Louis is my 9th-great-grandfather on my father’s side. He was born about 1635 in France. He married Marguerite BROSSIER and had 4 children including my ancestor, Georges QUINET. He passed away at Contréglise, Haute-Saône, France.

June 30th

1664 – Born – Ernest Ludwig FABER – Ernest is my wife’s 8th-great-grandfather on her father’s side. He was born at Neipperg, Baden, Germany. In 1691, he married Maria Catherina STOLTZENHABER and had 4 children. He passed away on 10 Mar 1739 at Neipperg, Baden, Germany.

1941 – Married – Keith R MORAN and Barbara COLLINS – Keith and Barbara are my wife’s grandparents. They were married at the Little Brown Church in Nashua, Iowa. Together they had two boys. Keith passed away in 1985.

July 3rd

1863 – Born – Augusta Johanna LUEDTKE – Augusta is my 3rd-great-grandmother on my mother’s side. She was born in Storkow, Pommerania which is now just east of Szczecin, Poland. She immigrated to the US at an early age and married Carl F H LAST in 1883. Together they had a whopping 16 children. Carl passed away in 1926 and Augusta lived to be 100, passing away 2 weeks after her 100th birthday on 14 Jul 1963.

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I started genealogy research about mid-1999. My grandfather had passed away in April of that year. Since then I’ve done a lot of research not only for myself, but for friends and other relatives. In 2006, I married the love of my life, Darcy, and welcomed the birth of our daughter, Aerissa Jean, in 2010 and our son, Xander Lee, in 2012. I can’t wait to tell them stories about all of their ancestors.