The Marriage

June 21, 1891

On June 21, 1891, Johann married Mrs. Wilomene (RATHKE) HOLZ. According to the marriage certificate, this took place in Milwaukee County, maybe even South Milwaukee if I can read that correctly.

Johann’s name is written Hans J M THIELK on the record, which made finding it difficult early on, though I was able to match it up with his wife’s name. Hans is sometimes used in place of Johann or John. It also mentions that the groom was residing in Washington County, which is the county to the west of Ozaukee County. I had no record of him living over  there, but there are currently no records available since the 1880 Census.

Wilomene was previously married to Frank HOLZ, who passed away. She immigrated with him and their children in 1887. Johann was 14 years older than Wilomene and was also 47 years old before he was married. This makes me wonder if he was previously married. There are big gaps in his records from both 1860-1880 and from 1880-1900.

According to the marriage certificate, I am unable to show to full document online. If you would like to order it, click on the “Source” link below.

The Marriage
Source: Wisconsin Historical Society, Vital Records

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