Joseph Goralski Passenger List

December 1892

In a letter from a fellow Zalewski researcher, who is the great-grandson of Frank Zalewski, wrote this to me:

“I am especially interested in learning more about the parents and siblings of Frank Zalewski, Sr. I do not know their names, nor do I know how many brothers and sisters he may have had. My mother’s (Editor’s note: his mother is Frank & Anna’s granddaughter) godfather was Joseph GORALSKI, and she remembers that he was somehow related to the Zalewski family. However, I don’t know what the relationship may have been. Joe GORALSKI was not Frank’s brother-in-law, since his wife’s maiden name was not Zalewski. Perhaps Joe was Frank’s cousin.”

I found Joseph Goralski’s in a passenger list from December 1892 which has a note that says, “Visitors Nephew Franz Zaleski at 902 Pulaski St.” next to Joseph’s wife’s parent’s entry. Along with other information including census records, Joseph would probably be Frank’s cousin’s husband.

Even though many pieces of information contradict one another, I have all but confirmed that Joseph Goralski is somehow related to Frank. The problem is that Joseph and his wife Mary never had children (as far as I can tell) so it is very difficult to gather more information on that family. It is one of my active brick walls.

Joseph Goralski Passenger List
Source: Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-1945