1892 Milwaukee City Directory


I’m almost positive that this is the location of my Frank Zalewski. Along with some other information, all data seems to point to him living on Pulaski with Jacob Zalewski.

After years of research, Jacob Zalewski has now been proven to be Frank’s brother. Piles of documentation, DNA matches, and now baptismal records confirm that he is Frank’s younger brother.

I’m not sure if Frank and his family are listed in any of the city directories from 1890 and 1891, since I can’t find them, but his last name may be spelled differently, etc. This leaves a gap in their location from 1889 (arriving in Baltimore) to 1892 (Milwaukee). There are many rumors to where they are during this time from Baltimore to Ohio to Chicago to Nebraska with no proof of any of those, yet.

1892 Milwaukee City Directory
Frank Zalewski, tanner, 902 Pulaski. Location is a home and Frank is renting.
Source: Wright's Directory, Milwaukee 1892
Map of Pulaski Street

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