rootstechI’m looking forward to watching all of the available RootsTech videos from this year’s conference, but the only time I really get to watch something on my own is when I’m going to bed and I do it on my smartphone. I was disappointed to see that the videos embedded on the RootsTech website were using an Adobe Flash-based played which does not work on almost all smartphones now since they don’t support Flash.

Fortunately, I noticed that the video provider for RootsTech was Brightcove, a platform I am pretty familiar with due to some of my work at my software engineering job. I knew that they had technology that determined the device you were using and gave you the player best suited for it. For example, on a smartphone, they would give you the HTML5-based player instead of the Flash-based one. It seems that the video player that RootsTech’s uses on their video page player doesn’t do this. Well, I found a workaround for all of you out there who want to watch them on your smartphone.