rootstechI’m looking forward to watching all of the available RootsTech videos from this year’s conference, but the only time I really get to watch something on my own is when I’m going to bed and I do it on my smartphone. I was disappointed to see that the videos embedded on the RootsTech website were using an Adobe Flash-based played which does not work on almost all smartphones now since they don’t support Flash.

Fortunately, I noticed that the video provider for RootsTech was Brightcove, a platform I am pretty familiar with due to some of my work at my software engineering job. I knew that they had technology that determined the device you were using and gave you the player best suited for it. For example, on a smartphone, they would give you the HTML5-based player instead of the Flash-based one. It seems that the video player that RootsTech’s uses on their video page player doesn’t do this. Well, I found a workaround for all of you out there who want to watch them on your smartphone.

To do it manually, choose a video when on your desktop, click on the “Share” button (usually the icon in the middle) on the top-right of the player and copy the link it provides. The link usually starts with Go to this link. It will open a page on the Brightcove website and show a player. This player is smart enough to know what device you’re using and gives you the right player. So, if you open this on your smartphone or tablet, it should play fine. I only really tested this on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Android phone, but it worked great.

I’ve also done the extra work for you and added all of the links here directly to the Brightcove players. Bookmark this post and use it when on your device. Don’t worry, there is nothing shady about this, it’s using the same video from the same video provider, but it’s using their smarter video player.