Zalewski Family Genealogy

Wisconsin, United States



Latitude: 44.5002806, Longitude: -90.0002806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 DEBROUX, Victor Joseph  20 Oct 1861Wisconsin, United States I1096
102 DEBROUX, Michael Amable  12 Feb 1868Wisconsin, United States I1097
103 DEBROUX, Lucy Cornelia  26 Sep 1862Wisconsin, United States I1279
104 DEBROUX, John  26 Oct 1871Wisconsin, United States I1063
105 DEBROUX, Caroline  18 Jul 1859Wisconsin, United States I1278
106 DAKINS, Merle I  Oct 1892Wisconsin, United States I2123
107 DAKINS, Mabel M  Abt 1892Wisconsin, United States I2124
108 DAKINS, Jessie  Abt 1871Wisconsin, United States I2127
109 DAKINS, Ethel M  Jul 1891Wisconsin, United States I2122
110 DAKINS, Elmer S  Aug 1888Wisconsin, United States I2126
111 DAKINS, Edgar  Abt 1856Wisconsin, United States I2854
112 DAKINS, Anna E  Abt 1854Wisconsin, United States I2853
113 DAKINS, Albert H  Sep 1861Wisconsin, United States I2857
114 CYBELA, Norbert  Feb 1919Wisconsin, United States I469
115 CYBELA, Irvin  16 Mar 1917Wisconsin, United States I467
116 CORRIGAN, P.F.   I306
117 COLLINS, Robert N  Abt 1867Wisconsin, United States I1711
118 COLLINS, Joseph  1875Wisconsin, United States I1915
119 COLLINS, Fred  1876Wisconsin, United States I1914
120 COLLINS, Clarence  28 Feb 1904Wisconsin, United States I1580
121 COLLINS, Arthur E  Abt 1869Wisconsin, United States I1913
122 COLLINS, Albert  20 Mar 1874Wisconsin, United States I1574
123 CLEVELAND, Grace Eleanor  6 May 1914Wisconsin, United States I2094
124 CLEVELAND, E.   I1976
125 CLEVELAND, Edward  Abt 1847Wisconsin, United States I2109
126 CLEVELAND, C.   I2093
127 CLEVELAND, Charles O  Abt 1873Wisconsin, United States I2113
128 BROUILLARD, Adela  Abt 1897Wisconsin, United States I748
129 BRAATZ, Ida  Abt 1879Wisconsin, United States I1366
130 BISSONNETTE, Marybelle  Abt 1878Wisconsin, United States I743
131 BANNACH, W.   I1669
132 BANNACH, Theodore P  Abt 1903Wisconsin, United States I1733
133 BANNACH, Mathilda  Mar 1900Wisconsin, United States I1671
134 BANNACH, M.   I1670
135 BANNACH, John  Jun 1895Wisconsin, United States I1732
136 BANNACH, H.   I1672
137 BANNACH, F.   I1675
138 BANNACH, E.   I1674
139 BANNACH, E.   I1673
140 BANNACH, Charles  Abt 1919Wisconsin, United States I1668
141 BANNACH, A.F.   I2114
142 BANACH, Paulina  Jun 1880Wisconsin, United States I1723

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