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101 Edwin, Lynn, and Esther Family F51
103 Elizabeth may have spelled her last name Minnich. MINNICH, Elizabeth (I2049)
104 Elizabeth's parents were Richard and Margaret Ibrook. Margaret may have been Margaret Crane, or Margaret Clark. She was MARRIED TO REV PETER HOBART on 3 July 1628 in England - probably Hingham, Norfolk, England. She and Peter had 11 children: Joshua, Jeremiah, Josiah, Elizabeth, Ichabod, Hannah, Hannah, Bathsheba, Israel, Jael and Gershom. IBROOK, Elizabeth (I3839)
105 Emigrated to USA via Detroit in April 1885

As far as I have been able to determine, my family's branch of the Corrigan clan immigrated to Wisconsin from Canada, arriving near Eau Claire in the 1880's. Six of the seven Corrigan brothers of Orilli, Ontario, better themselves in the newly-opening logging operations of the mid-western United States. Hugh settled in the Eau Claire area, Pat and Tom in northern Wisconsin, and Henry, Jim, and Mike went to the far west in Washington state after several years in northern Wisconsin. Oral tradition in the family has it that only "Curly" Bill remained at home in Orilli. Of the five sisters, at least two left home for the United States; Rose settled in Detroit, Michigan, and Maggie to go to Washington and Alaska. All of the Corrigan boys worked in the woods and mills, married, raised families, and settled permanently in the areas of their choice.

My father, Patrick, married Johannah Hoffmeister in Chippewa County in 1888 and their first child, Ida, was born in June, 1889. They came north to Drummond in Bayfield County after their second daughter, Ann, was born in November, 1891. The young family soon moved to Mineral Lake in Ashland County where Pat began working for the newly re-organized Mineral Lake Lumber Company as a lumber piler. In April, 1894, their first son, William, was born. At this time. Hannah also had her three sisters join her in the north country. Pat continued his work at the mill in the growing little community. The Corrigan family grew also with the birth of George (the author) in 1896 and that of a third daughter, Frances, three years later. 
CORRIGAN, Patrick Sylvester (I78)
106 Entry in register says 25.10.1809 BRINKMANN, Maria Elisabeth (I3012)
107 Ephraim and Marie immigrated along with their children Olivine, Joseph, Henry and Mary from St. François-du-Lac, Canada to the United States via the Great Lakes and Fox River locating in Little Chute. Marie also brought her father, Antoine with them. The year was the fall of 1836 or 1837 as the records conflict but 1837 is most likely the date as son Joseph Henry was born in Canada in 1837.

In the record of Ephraim St. Louis he states:

"I landed at Green Bay October 26, A.D. 1836. From reports and information there, I concluded at once to move further up on the Fox River. I bought a canoe, trusted all my property, family and all, in one cargo. With so much freight, the river was then very difficult to ascend and in about four days I landed at the place where I have since lived, then call Petit Chute."

According to stories handed down to present day descendants, 10 families, mostly related and including the St. Louis family, paddled their families and belongings from Sorrel, Canada, down the St. Lawrence and across the lakes to Green Bay. 
ST. LOUIS, Ephraim Gadiou Dit (I705)
108 Event: farmer, upon death of brother John, he married his widow out of fondness for his brother and Mary's and children's welfare - it was a sacred promise made

Event: from Butler, PA by rail to Milwaukee, WI then Madison, WI then Muscoda, WI Unknown Jan 1854 Grant County,Muscoda,Wisconsin

Event: between John, Fred and Josephine for 80 acres of land Unknown Richland County,Aken Township "Dieter Hollow",Wisconsin

Event: moved when married brother John's widow Mary Lint Unknown 1868 Excelsior,Wisconsin 
DIETER, Frederick (I1596)
109 Event: living with son Fred when died

Event: from Butler, PA by rail to Milwaukee, WI then Madison, WI then Muscoda, WI Unknown Jan 1854 Grant County,Muscoda,Wisconsin

Confirmed 24 Mar 1816 in Adelshofen. 
VENNINGER, Rosina Elisabetha (I1613)
110 Five Adam Minks are listed in the Ohio Census, 1790-1890. Three are in Franklin County and two are in Montgomery County. There is an Adam Mink listed in the 1830 Census for Loudoun County, VA, page 49; (2) males of five and under ten; (1) male of thirty and under forty; (1) female of five and under ten; (1) female of thirty and under forty. 1840 census: MINL ADAM Preble County OH Pg 105 Jackson Township. The odds are that this is our Adam Mink!

There is an Adam Mink listed in the 1850 Census for Washington Twp., Montgomery County, Ohio, age 52, born in VA, married under him are Margaret Mink, age 36, born in NJ; Anna Mink, age 21 born in OH; and John Mink, age 12, born in OH. 
MINK, Adam (I2060)
111 Francois-Xavier was found as the first child of Pierre and Marie in the LDS records by Jacques Charbonnier, but was never listed by anyone else, and there is no further sign of him. On the other hand, William (Guillaume) was listed by Robert Leishman as a child of Pierre and Marie, and Jennie Monahan in her letter to my father on 29 July 1948 commented a couple of times about "William" coming to America in 1832 with her mother, Emily Frances. Jacques Charbonnier found nothing about him in the LDS records. There is no other sign or mention of him. Could Francois-Xavier and Guillaume be the same person? It would be nothing new in French and French-Canadian genealogy for a person to undergo a name change in the course of his or her life. In fact, my own mother was baptized as Bernadette Joanna (Latin entry) but was known throughout her life as Jeannette Bernadette. In any event, we still know nothing more about William or Francois-Xavier in America.: Robert L. Quinnett QUINET, Guillaume (I1443)
112 Frank & Margaret Wedding

Agnes, Margaret, Margaret (Ma), Frank, Matie Moll, and Alice. 
Family F80
113 Frank Zalewski, Sr., his wife Anna, and their two oldest children - Martha and Angeline, emigrated to the US from the Baltic port of Danzig and arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1890. The couple's third child, Mary, was born in Baltimore in March 1891. The family then traveled west to Nebraska and east, from there, to the Polish community in Chicago. By May, 1892, the family had settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

(Research):According to an interview conducted in April 1980 with Frank Gierszewski, Jr, a grandson of Frank and Anna Zalewski. He indicated his grandparents left Poland from the Baltic port of Danzig and entered the United States through the port of Baltimore, Maryland. There is some confusion, however, as to the area of Poland in which Frank and Anna Zalewski resided prior to their emigration to the United States in 1890. During a telephone interview with their granddaughter, Caroline (Walczak) Sullivan, conducted in January 1995, she indicated that Frank and Anna lived somewhere in the province of Poznan -- an area of Poland then under German jurisdiction and known as South Prussia. his would correspond with information supplied on the death certificate and in the newspaper obituary of Frank Zalewski, Sr in 1941. Although neither source mentions Poznan as his place of birth, both list Germany as his country of origin. (Much of western Poland, including Poznan Province, became German territory after the three partitions of Poland at the end of the eighteenth century.)

There is, however, a conflicting story as to the area of Poland from which Frank and Anna originated. During a 1993 telephone interview with another granddaughter, Irene (Zalewski) Lutzenberger, she indicated that her late father had always said his parents came from eastern Poland -- an area then under Russian rule. Irene's father also stated that when his parents entered the United States, their surname was spelled "Salefsky," thereby reflecting the Russian influence. Although no official documents can be found to verify this, it is interesting to note that in the 1934 obituary of another grandchild, Norbert Cybela, the maiden name of Norbert's mother is spelled "Zalesky."

It is hypothetically possible that Frank Zalewski, Sr is, indeed, born and raised in Russian Poland and, at some later point in his life, moved to the German section in which Poznan Province was located. Although traveling across political borders was difficult in 19th-century Europe, to say the least, it was not impossible. In Russian Poland, for example, all debts to the government, including military service in the czar's army, had to be fulfilled before travel documents would be issued and borders would be crossed. Two years of active military service followed by two years in the reserve forces was required of all males when they reached their twentieth birthday. In Frank's case, that would have accounted for the years 1878 through 1882. We know he married Anna Lindner (a German) in January 1885, which means he probably relocated from Russian-held, eastern Poland to the German-held, western area sometime between 1882 and 1884. This, of course, is only speculation but would explain the Russian "sky" ending on the surname.

They attended Church at St. Casimir's Catholic Church in Milwaukee, WI
Located: 2604 N Bremen (On corner on Bremen and E Clarke)

Notes about 900 N Fratney Residence:
Located between 44 Lee and Franklin
New Address after Change: 2448 N Fratney
Frank Zalewski, Edwin Cybela, Michl Ochalek
(rear): Max Stromski and Frank Gierszewski

Notes about 2630 N Buffum Residence:
Located between E Clarke and E Center
Frank Zalewski and Chester Walczak (1931)
Frank Zalewski (1940)

2630A N Buffum Occupants:
Frank Bolet and Carl Gollner (1931)
Frank Zalewski, Jr and Edw Gerth (1940)

ZALEWSKI, Frank J Sr. (I270)
114 Fri., Mar. 14, 1969 aged 58 years, residence 2438 N. Bartlett av., beloved husband of Kathryn (nee Herkowski), dear father of Mrs. John V. (Patricia Ann) Rauch, Marquette, Mich., grandfather of Frederick, John and Theodore Edward. brother of Joseph, Tampa, Fla., Leo, Jack, Ann Zalewski, Sister M Elmira, S.S.N.D.: also survived by son-in-law, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. Funeral services TUES at 8:15 a.m. from the Schramka Funeral Home, 612 E. Burleigh st. Services SS Peter and Paul church 9 a.m. Interment Holy Cross. Member of Ushers and Holy Name Society, Loyal Order of Moose Lodge No. 49. Holy Name vigil Mon 8 p.m. Visitation Monday 4 p.m. ZALEWSKI, Edward Robert (I2597)
115 From Ancestry Message Board Post:
Fredrich Muhm, wife Martha Elizabeth Hedderich, married in Germany, sailed on the Brig. Tommy and arrived in NY on 3 Aug 1839. During the voyage Martha died in child birth and they were buried at sea. Frederich arrived in NY with John, Fred, Jerry, Elisabeth, Christoph, and Anna Katherina. They moved inland to Montgomery County, NY in the Canajoharie and Palatine area of the Mohawk river. Frederich then farmed the children out until he could get himself established. In Canajoharie, on 14 Sep 1840, he filed his intend to become a US citizen. On Sept 10, 1844 he filed his final application, stating that he had been a resident of Palatine, NY for two years. In October, 1845 he purchased 12 acres of land near Palatine for $500, and about that time he married Sophia Elizabeth Strassmann. 

Name: Friedrich Muhm
Year: 1839
Age: 38
Place: America
Family Members: With 7 relatives
Source Publication Code: 170.16
Primary Immigrant: Muhm, Friedrich
Annotation: Hessian Immigrants: Index to Family Names. Book II: Immigrants from Hesse-Kassel 1840-1850. Date and port of arrival. Hometown, assets, occupation, and code of dossier may also be provided.
Source Bibliography: AUERBACH, INGE. Hessische Auswanderer (Hesaus): Index nach Familiennamen: Bd. II: Auswanderer aus Hessen-Kassel, 1840-1850. Marburg: Archivschule Marburg, 1988. 517p. (Veroeffentlichungen der Archivschule Marburg..., Nr. 12)
Page: 332 
MUHM, Friedrich (I1147)
116 From Armand Descoteaux:

"He was living just in the bottom of little hills (long sandy strip between 30 to 100 feet high)(ancient shore of St. Lawrence River.) People named him "Lefebvre of the hills" (nearly 1 mile from the water)

For example:

Virginia Lafontaine (fountain)

dit Picard (from Pocardie in France)

dit Dubord (on the side of)

dit Des Trois Maisons (three houses)

[From Lefebvre Genealogy]

In 1707, the intendant Jacques Raudot named Ange Lefebvre notary of the seigneury of the Baie-Saint-Antoine, as known today as Baie-du-Febvre. 
117 From article, "Three years after moving to Portland [in 1902], Mr. Muhm died as the result of a fall he suffered when a scaffold collapsed." MUHM, Peter Frederick (I314)
118 From Eleanore (Thielke) Werner: Arthur & Madora moved to Chicago to live with Arthur's Uncle Fred Thielke. Worked as/in a smelter. Moved back to Port Washington when Madora's father, Charles, died to help her mother. THIELKE, Arthur Frederick (I286)
119 From Find-A-Grave entry--------
Mary Ann Davis donated the land for West Fork Cemetery
m.John Woods d.civil war
m Dave Black stole her horses & left her
m George Powell Div.
m. Wm Bolton d
m.Nelse Bruice and he outlived her
mother of
Malissa Woods Shaw
Polly Woods Dilley
Ellen Woods Miller
Tom Powell
Kit Troxel 
DAVIS, Mary Ann (I3150)
120 From forum posting, no source info yet.


Marlow b. Belfast late 1700's m. 2? Ellen McKENNY b. NY. Marlow was a sergeant in the British Army lived Ontario, CAN in war 1812. ch:Amos b,1813, James , John, Sarah, Alexander, Eleanor, Jemima, Ezra, James(2nd),David, Phoebe. Alexander is believed to have remained in CAN., the rest of the family along with DAKINS, and EATONS moved to WI and scattered some moving south. Marlow inherited a large amount of property in Ireland possibly a castle, died New York, on the way back to Belfast trying to claim what he could. 
RILEY, Sgt Marlow (I2314)
121 From Mary Elizabeth Wey: Thomas went to Illinois is 1855. He was in the Civil War - Second Illinois Cavalry - in the second Battle of Bull Run. WEY, Thomas Peyton (I2076)
122 From New York Times, 9 Sep 1881 - The North German Lloyd steam-ship Koln, Capt. Jungst, from Baltimore Aug. 25, has arr. here, on her way to Bremen SYLDATK, Nepomucena Susanna (I357)
123 From New York Times, 9 Sep 1881 - The North German Lloyd steam-ship Koln, Capt. Jungst, from Baltimore Aug. 25, has arr. here, on her way to Bremen SZULTA, Clara Eva (I282)
124 From New York Times, 9 Sep 1881 - The North German Lloyd steam-ship Koln, Capt. Jungst, from Baltimore Aug. 25, has arr. here, on her way to Bremen SZULTA, Martha Regina (I665)
125 From New York Times, 9 Sep 1881 - The North German Lloyd steam-ship Koln, Capt. Jungst, from Baltimore Aug. 25, has arr. here, on her way to Bremen SZULTA, Valerian (I1027)
126 From Superior Telegram, Sept 29, 1931

M.B. Firmenich, 91, Buried in Ashland Cemetery After Final Rites

ASHLAND, Wis - Final rites for Mathias B. Firmenich, 91, pioneer resident of Ashland and a charter member of the Chequamegon Bay Old Settler's club. who died Saturday were to be held Tuesday morning at the A.F. Anderson residence, 900 Ninth avenue west at 9 o'clock and at the St. Agnes church at 9:30. Burial was to be made in St. Agnes cemetery.
Born in Cologne, Germany, February 11, 1840, Mr. Firmenich came to Milwaukee in May 1847 and settled with his parents on a farm located in the wilderness 25 miles from that city.
Coming in contact with Indians who the inhabited the region, he learned to weave baskets from ash wood, a hobby which he enjoyed until the time of his death. His marriage to Miss Pauline Thompson took place at Green Bay, February 11, 1867. Mrs. Firmenich preceded him in death by 21 years.

Lived With Daughter

Mr. Firmenich first worked in Ashland as a millwright for the Miller and Ritchie company. He was employed there for four years. and later became connected with D.W. Mowatt firm where he was employed until 1905. He also lived on a farm near Sanborn until 1916. For the past few years he has been making his home with his daughter. Mrs. Andrew Anderson on Ninth avenue west.

Survivors Listed

Surviving are: Five daughters, Mrs. Emma Martin, Milwaukee; Mrs. William McKinley, Seattle; Mrs. Tom Gorman, Iron Mountain, Mich.; Mrs. Joseph Fabro and Mrs. A.F. Anderson, Ashland. Two sons, Henry of Elma, Manitoba, and Albert of International Falls; fifty-two grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.
Six of his grandchildren saw service in France during the World war. 
FIRMENICH, Mathias Balthazar (I329)
127 From The Land of the Fox:
"Des Anges was a school teacher in her native Canada before her marriage and, since she could speak only French, she took over the education of all her 12 children in French. She bakes in a large outdoor oven, in which a roaring fire was made and then sealed after the loaves of dough were popped in by means of a long, handled shovel." 
MANSEAU, Marie DesAnges (I706)
128 From the Racine Journal-Times; Monday, March 3, 1969: Family Keeps Cookie 120 Years -- Cookies usually disappear in days or less if youngsters are around, but A. LeRoy Johnson has one that's 120 years old. A Dayton, Ohio, woman baked three sweet cakes for crippled Johnnie Wey in 1849 but the 8 year old boy died before eating the cookies. The boy's mother gave each of his three sisters a cookie to keep in memory of the boy and Johnson has his today after it was passed down to him through the generations. Johnson says that to his knowledge, his cookie is the only one of the three that is left. Johnson is the grandson of one of the three sisters, Margaret Wey, who carried it on a trip by covered wagon from Ohio to what she later called "the wilds of Crawford County, Wis." She still had the cookie when she died at Lodi, Wis, in 1919, passing the cookie on to her daughter, Mrs. Alfred Johnson. Johnson acquired the cookie upon his mother's death in 1955 and says he will pass it on to a member of the family to carry on the tradition.

Could not read or write. 
MINK, Rachel (I2044)
129 From

Bridegroom on Thursday, May 21, 1835 IJzendijke

Aktenummer (documentnumber) : 13

Aktedatum (date) : 21 5 1835

Bruidegom (bridegroom) : Jacobus Bernardus van Parijs

Beroep (occupation) : Werkman

Leeftijd (age) : 25 jaar (years old)

Geboorteplaats (place of birth) : Watervliet

Bruid (bride) : Janneke Dees

Beroep (occupation) : Arbeidster

Leeftijd (age) : 18 jaar (years old)

Geboorteplaats (place of birth) : Biervliet

Vader bruidegom (father bridegroom) : Jacobus Bernardus van Parijs

Moeder bruidegom (mother bridegroom) : Anna Theresia Junis

Vader bruid (father bride) : Jannis Dees

Moeder bruid (mother bride) : Janna Vermeulen

Beroep (occupation) : Arbeidster 
Family F389
130 George H. Cleveland was born in Berlin, WI, 12 Jul 1871, and died at the Wood Hospital in this city on Wednesday, 3 Dec 1924. On October 31, he underwent an operation for appendicities from which he never recovered.

He came to Waupaca with his mother when sixteen years of age, 4 Jul 1891, he was united in marriage to Nettie Lant of Waupaca to which union seven children were born: Emma and an infant son, deceased; (Luella), Mrs Henry Gyrion of Niagara, WI; Earl, 17; Evelyn, 16; Charlie, 12; and Grace, 10, at home. He is also survived by his wife, his father, Edmund Cleveland of California, two half sisters, and three half-brothers.

Funeral services were held Friday afternoon from the First Baptist Church, Rev J.W. Clevenger, officiating.

Interment was made in Lakeside Cemetery. 
CLEVELAND, George Henry (I1664)
131 Godmother Emilie Syldatk. Godfather ?Erhard ? (spelling). SZULTA, Martha Regina (I665)
132 Godparents: Jacob Syldatk & Frau. They were his mother's parents. SZULTA, Valerian (I1027)
133 Godparents: Josef Szulta and Emilie Syldatk SZULTA, Clara Eva (I282)
134 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MORAN, D.A. (I1567)
135 Grave Number 1N, Lot 22, Section 35 MUHM, Peter Frederick (I314)
136 Gustav Ferdinand Girion (Gyrion) was married to Josephine Francois (b Oct. 1, 1871 in Door county) and had Joseph, Louis and perhaps other children. Josephine died in Door County after 1878 and Gustav married Melina De Wit (b 1851 in Tourinnes-St-Lambert, Brabant Wallon, Belgium) in Brussels, Door County on 31 March 1880. They had one child, Lousia Girion, b 9 May 1883. Thanks for the reply. My wife's Mother, Margaret (Gyrion) Werth's father was Joseph A (Andrew) Gyrion. From what I think, Gustav Gyrion was married to Meline DeWit in Door County WI on March 31, 1880. They had a daughter Louise (b 9 May 1883) I think Meline died between then and 1889 and Gustav remarried to Josephine Francois before 1890 because Joseph A was born in 1891. Do you have info on additional brothers and sisters of Joseph A? (like Henry)? Joseph and his wife Mabel (Moore) were both killed in Waupaca Co. in 1935 (March) by a drunk driver.(From an message board post) GYRION, Gustave Ferdinand Joseph (I1590)
137 Hannah was the daughter of Major William and Alice Richards Bradford. A Mayflower Pilgrim descendant. She was a noble and useful woman, remarkable for her skill in the art of healing, she was the first, and for a long time the only physician in the settlement, and it is said that the first male physician, Dr. Richard Huntington, received much of his medical knowledge from her. BRADFORD, Hannah (I3831)
138 He immigrated to Canada in 1650

He died of Spanish flu in 1703

He is a notary of the Lords of Our Lady of the Angels on 23 October 1655.

He is archivist seigneuries Beauport and Notre-Dame-des-Anges to 1658.

He is a notary Beauport, Notre-Dame-des-Anges, the procurator fiscal Lirec seigniory and the ÃŽle d'Orleans in July 1659.

He was appointed notary and tax attorney in the justice of the lordship of Argentenay, Île d'Orléans on 3 November 1667.

He was appointed notary of the Lordship of St. Lawrence on 25 April 1681.

It is the Attorney Tax seigniory de l'Ile d'Orleans in 1685. 
VACHON, Paul (I2472)
139 He is a carpenter and cabinetmaker in Mortagne-au-Perche. Écuyer Pierre Boucher de Grosbois and Gaspard Boucher immigrants in June 1634 in Quebec, Canada. Gaspard Boucher was in Quebec, Capitale-Nationale, Quebec January 30 1645. It is built at the bottom of the hill where the fort is on a lease of twenty-four acres on the river from Trois-Rivières, Mauricie, Quebec. He died between 20 May 1662 and December 31 1666 in Trois-Rivières before the census, he died in his house burned. BOUCHER, Gaspard (I872)
140 He is a retired member of the Milwaukee Fire Department. CYBELA, Irvin (I467)
141 He left his wife, children, large farm and disappeared for years; was declared dead; farm sold; he returned and had nothing and worked any job he could find; he worked for Lloyd Dieter helping cut corn a week before he died at the Higgins home

-- -- 
DIETER, Allan L (I1606)
142 He was a man widely known and respected, as of sterling sense and judgment; he was one of the first justices of the peace in Connecticut, and was appointed May, 1698, when that office was first instituted ; was the first representative sent by Windham to the General Assembly, appearing there- May, 1699. " He was also one of the seven pillars or counselors, and justice of the quorum in 1726. Joshua was the son of John and Elizabeth Hobart Ripley.  RIPLEY, Joshua (I3830)
143 He was born before 1650.

A source says Robert was married with Elizabeth Phillips in June 1658 of Saint Helens, Bishopsgate County, London, England.

Robert married Ann Williams on 19 August 1668. Where they were married is disputed. Some sources say in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Other sources say Devon, England. A source says Robert was married with Elizabeth Phillips in 1658 at Saint Helen's, London.

Robert was a fisherman who was taxed at Portsmith in 1673 as a fisherman, at "The Isles of Shoals", off the coast of New Hampshire.

He bought a home and 13 acres on Sagamore Creek between Richard Goss and Henry Savage.

The place of burial of Robert and Ann is not known. It may have been in the "Point of Graves," that ancient lot in Portsmouth at the edge of the harbor where so many of the pioneers of an earlier period were laid to rest and where so few stones remain. 
LANG, Robert (I3826)
144 Henry's brother Johannes moved from Gleichen to Schwabendorf. His son Friedrich Ernst began a line of the Muhm family that went to N America, and his son Michael had children who remained in Schwabendorf, and the line, I believe, is still there today. Michael also had a son Michael (1802) and it was he who came to London to benefit from his gt uncle's experience and wealth. MUHM, Friedrich Ernest (I1425)
145 Her father Fredrick Muhm came to America from Hesse Kassel, Germany in the Spring of 1839, with his father, mother, brothers and sisters. The brothers were John and Jerry and the sisters were Catherine and Elizabeth.
It took them three months to make the voyage by ship. The mother died in childbirth and her and the baby were buried at sea.
The children were all given away when they reached America as their father was alone with no means of support. Fredrick was given to a family who worked him very hard with hardly enough to eat, so he soon tired of that and ran away.
They were married March 2, 1854 and went to Wisconsin to live where his father also lived. He had remarried and had several children. 
MUHM, Friedrich (I1147)
146 Here lies Interred ye Body of Joshua Ripley, Esqr one of His Majestys Justices for the County of Windham ye husband of Mrs. Hannah Ripley Departed this Life May the 18, 1739 in ye 81 year of his Age. RIPLEY, Joshua (I3830)
Ye 20th 1703/4
Aged 79 Years
He lived long but still was doing good.
And in his countrys service lost much blood.
Lived a life well spent has no distress 
BRADFORD, Major William Jr (I3847)
148 His 3 brothers Roy, Hurl, and Harley died before him according to his obituary. POWELL, Kenneth L (I1983)
149 DAKINS, William J (I2118)
150 Huizel, Huysle, Huisl are all variations of the last name. HUIZEL, John (I2041)

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