Zalewski Family Genealogy

DNA Tests

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 #   Test Type   Haplogroup   Taken by   Most distant ancestor   Most recent common ancestor   Test Group 
1 atDNA  N/A B.J. ZALEWSKI    None
2 atDNA  N/A L.L. MORAN    None
3 atDNA  N/A S.J. THIELKE    None
4 mtDNA  H11aMore B.J. ZALEWSKI    None
5 mtDNA  HV0More D.A. MORAN    None
6 mtDNA  H5More L.L. MORAN    None
7 mtDNA  U4a3More J.R. ZALEWSKI    None
8 Y-DNA-  R1a1aMore B.J. ZALEWSKI    None
9 Y-DNA-  R1b1b2a1a2f*More L.L. MORAN    None
10 Y-DNA-  R1a1aMore J.R. ZALEWSKI    None