The Headstone


This is another item I spent a long time trying to track down. Union Cemetery in Port Washington isn’t that large, but a lot of the older headstones are obviously harder to read. I actually didn’t know if John was even buried there since there are other cemeteries in the city. I had some help from the Port Washington Historical Society that let me know that he is recorded as being buried there. They gave me a general area to look since their older records weren’t very accurate.

I remember looking and looking, but not finding anything. Then, when I was there around Memorial Day, I spied a small, white headstone with a Civil War veteran sign in the ground near it. I took a closer look at the old, worn headstone and noticed it said what looked like “Co. K” on it. I brushed it off and looked closer and saw that it read, “JHO. LAST – CO. K – 50TH WIS INF.” There it is. Johann’s final resting place.

A side note, I still have yet to find his wife, Charlotte’s, burial location. The Historical Society says that she should be right near him, but there is nothing. Though, there is a small gap in the area where she may be buried, but there is no stone. She died in 1900.

The Headstone
Source: Port Washington Union Cemetery

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