The Family Portrait

June 1907

According to a recently found civil marriage record, Frank Zalewski was born 4 October 1858 in Krotoschin, Löbau, Westpreussen, Germany (today’s Krotoszyny, Biskupiec, Warminsko-Mazurskie, Poland).

Frank is pictured below with his family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in about June 1907. This is the first photo of Frank I had seen after it was shown to me by my parents and one of the first photos in my genealogy research. The photo looks to be taken during, what is assumed to be, the confirmation of my great-grandfather, Joseph (far right) as he is holding a candle and is close to the right age at the time.

Here are the people in the photo. Click their names to view their full information on WikiTree.

Back Row:
Francis (Zalewski) Cybela15 Apr 1895 – 18 Jul 1965
Mary (Zalewski) Gierzsewski/Giersch22 Mar 1891 – 27 Feb 1945
Martha (Zalewski) Strelka10 Sep 1885 – 23 Nov 1930
Angeline (Zalewski) Pierzchalski Jul 1887 – 17 Mar 1960
Joseph F Zalewski21 May 1893 – 15 Aug 1981

Front Row:
Helen (Zalewski) Stroinski24 Sep 1897 – 1 Mar 1974
Anna (Lindner) Zalewski27 Nov 1865 – 11 Apr 1939
Agnes (Zalewski) Walczak17 Jan 1902 – 29 Jan 1989
Frank Zalewski, Sr4 Sep 1858 – 8 Aug 1941
Frank Zalewski, Jr6 Nov 1899 – 2 Nov 1976

The Family Portrait
Source: Family Photo