The Family Portrait


Mathias is pictured at the left with his family in Ashland, Ashland Co., Wisconsin in about 1895. I received this photo from another Firmenich researcher in 2009 and it’s the best photo I have of the Mathias Firmenich family, and the only photo I have of Mathias’s wife, Pauline (Thompson).

Missing are Anna, Hattie, Edmond, and Sarah. They all died during a diphtheria outbreak in September 1885.

The Family Portrait

(Back row) Frank, Mary (O'Brien), Emma Jane (Corrigan) [my great-great-grandmother], Henry [Frank and Henry may be switched. I'm not sure which is which.]

(Middle Row) Mathias, Rose (McKindley), Pauline (nee Thompson), Clara (Anderson)

(Front Row) Ida (Fabro) and Edna (Gorman)

Source: Family Photo

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