The Civil War


A fact about James that I did not know until recently is that he participated in the Civil War. On his headstone, it is noted that he was part of “Co. K 6th Wis. Reg.” I was able to find some information on his enlistment.

He looked to join somewhat late in the war around the end of September 1864, while the 6th Regiment had organized back in 1861 and had already fought many battles. According to a history on the 6th Regiment, I can only guess that he may have been drafted to help replace killed or deserted men after a few rough battles.

In December [1864], John Kellogg is promoted Colonel and returns to the regiment with four hundred and fifty drafted men to fill the ranks. Winter Quarters are established for the fourth time. During the month of January, the regiment performs picket, camp and fatigue duty, builds roads and drills continually to bring the new men up to speed.

He looks to have been active in a few more battles, including Gravelly Run (general location on the map tab), before the end of the war in 1865 and, fortunately, he made it back alive.

The Civil War
6th Wisconsin Flag
Source:, U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles

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