September 26, 1931

September 26, 1931

On September 26, 1931, Mathias Firmenich passed away at the age of 91. My great-granduncle Edwin Corrigan was near him when he died and talked about it in a letter he wrote in 1995.

In the summer of 1931, Grandpa Firmenich was ailing and Mother came up to see him in August. Grandpa died on Sept. 26, 1931 – it was customary in those days that someone sat up all night with people who were ill – it so happened that it was my night to sit up. About 1:30 I heard Grandpa kind of cough and choke – I went into the bedroom and he was breathing his last breath. Grandpa died at 91!

The Superior Telegram from Superior, Wisconsin published an obituary for Mathias, with a wonderful photo. It was sent to me by the Wisconsin Historical Society along with his death record, which was very nice of them. It included some very helpful information and other facts that I did not know at the time.

You can read the rest of Edwin’s letter which includes a lot of memories and information from his childhood in Northern Wisconsin.

September 26, 1931
Source: Wisconsin Historical Society, Superior Telegram, 29 Sep 1931

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