Pulaski Street

Frank and his family lived at 902 Pulaski street for almost a decade, according to the Milwaukee City Directories. I’m told the house on Pulaski street is still standing. Unfortunately, the city of Milwaukee underwent a massive address overhaul in 1931 and most of the addresses in that area have changed. There is no common mathematical equation used to figure out the new address, since they based it on measurements. Due to recent communication from a descendant of Jacob Zalewski, this house is now either 1760 or 1762 Pulaski street, which (in the photo) is either the house on the left or the one in the back.

Polish neighborhoods were known for their “polish flats” and tight-fitting layouts. According to researchers at UWM in Milwaukee, “A ‘Polish flat’ is an American workers’ cottage that has been raised to create a new basement floor, thus becoming a modest two-story flat.”

Pulaski Street
Source: Google Maps
Map of Pulaski Street

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