Hamburg Passenger List

July 14, 1857

Johann and his family arrived at the Port of New York on September 14th, 1857. They departed from Hamburg, Germany on the Schooner Charles Smith on July 14th 1857 for a 2-month trip. While writing this and realizing that they left from Hamburg, I decided to look through Ancestry’s Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934. Fortunately, I found them. He was listed, as he is in his arrival record, as J W G Last (though it looks like Laet in the record.)

There isn’t much new info in the Hamburg list, but it does lock down their original home location that I had guessed in the first post. The record says what looks like “Nagard” so after some searching and tweaking, it is probably talking about “Naugard” which today is called Nowogard in northwestern Poland. This is exactly where I tracked Doeringshagen to be located today. That’s good news.

The list also mentions Johann’s occupation as “Arbeiter.” That just means “Laborer” which is very generic.

Hamburg Passenger List
Source: Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934 -

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