Marriage Record

November 1884

I finally found the marriage record of Frank Zalewski and his wife, Anna Lindner. The marriage took place in, at the time, Schwenten, West Prussia. Today, it is located at Święte, Gmina Łasin, Grudziądz County, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland. They were more than likely married in the historic church of St. Barbara in that village. The church, which is one of the largest wooden churches in Poland, can be seen in the background photo and there are many other beautiful photos on the parish’s website.

The marriage took place on 2 Nov 1884. My notes always had it listed as Jan 1885 in Poznan, Poland. While Poznan is sort of nearby, it’s not really that close to Święte. I imagine someone just picked the largest city in the area.

In the image below, you’ll notice that Frank’s last name looks to be written as “Salewski.”

Marriage Record
2 Nov --- Franz Salewski - Gottschalk - 26yrs --- Anna Lindner - Schwenten
Source: Święte/Schwenten Kirchenbuch, 1733-1929
Map of Święte/Schwenten

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