Johann Last

Johann Last is my great-great-great grandfather on my maternal side. Like a lot of ancestors born in the 1800s, there are some variants of his actual birth day. According to census records, passenger lists, and marriage registers he was either born in 1820, 1826, or 1828 somewhere in what was once called Prussia. That doesn’t give me a lot to go on, though his son is listed as having been born in what was called Doeringshagen, Pommerania which does narrow down the search. His marriage record lists him as residing in Minten, which is near Doeringshagen.

Their first three children, Augusta, Carl, and Heinrich were born in Europe. Johann also participated in the Civil War for the Union Army.

I have absolutely no photos of Johann, though I don’t have a lot of photos for my maternal side in general. There are probably a lot of descendants of Johann and his wife Charlotte out there today. His son Charles and wife Augusta alone had 16 children that spread out across the Midwest.


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