Johann Thielke

Circa 1843

Johann Thielke is my great-great grandfather on my maternal side. The oldest son of Henry Peter THIELKE and, according to his marriage certificate, Marie D C SPECHT. My grandfather was only 2 when he passed away, so he doesn’t have any memories of Johann, who was also called John. Like a lot of ancestors born in the 1800s, there are some variants of his actual birth day.

The one that is mostly used is 26 Oct 1843. This is the date that is listed on his headstone and also lines up with a few census records. Most records point to him being born in Schwerin, which is the capital of the Mecklenberg-Vorpommern area of Germany. His death certificate mentions that he was born in the Württemberg area of Germany which is almost on the opposite side of modern Germany, so who knows. According to old early 1800s census records of Schwerin, there did seem to be a lot of Thielke’s in that area. Other variants are 1844 and 1845.

I recently found some photos of Johann, according to the writing on the reverse side of the photo. I assume he is shown with his wife, Wilomene (Minnie), in this specific photo taken probably in the early 1920s. I’ve had trouble locating descendants of the THIELKE line, except for mine even though Johann had 5 more siblings.

Johann Thielke

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