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Are you a Zalewski?

Ok, all of you Zalewski people out there, want to find out as much information as you can about the Zalewski surname and where it comes from? Is your Zalewski ancestor related to one of the many Zalewski families being researched by others?

With advances in genetic testing, genealogists now have another tool to aid us in our family history endeavors. The Zalewski Surname DNA Project was recently organized to determine whether there are genetic links between the various Zalewski families throughout the world. It can also serve to validate research within established lines, and to prove or disprove relationship theories when no documentation has been found through traditional research.

If you are researching a Zalewski family, we invite you to participate in our study! The success of this project depends on the number of participants, so please pass this information along to other Zalewski researchers!

The success of our Project will depend on the number of male participants who join our testing group, as well the documentation of the research connected with each line regarding dates and locations of birth, death, marriage, etc. Please, contact and encourage males of the above surnames to participate in our Project to help to ensure its success.

Here's how it works

The Zalewski DNA Project is a study of the Y-Chromosome DNA, which is passed from father to son unchanged, except for occasional mutations.

We have chosen Family Tree DNA of Houston, TX as our testing company. The testing laboratory will be analyzing either the 12, 25, or 37 markers on the Y-chromosome. If two people have a match, that means they have a common male ancestor somewhere in the past. The test won't tell you specifically who that ancestor was, but it can narrow down a time frame of when the most recent common ancestor (MCRA) lived. Though, possibly through the sharing of family information with other participants, that ancestor could be found. It is our opinion that the 25 or 37 marker test is much better at reporting the kind of data that we need to determine that we are related, as the 12 marker test can find many matches that are not close in generations to most research. You can upgrade from the 12 marker to the 25 marker or 37 marker at a later date, if desired.

As a member of the surname project, it is expected that you will share what you know of your family history and its earliest known ancestor. This is to help to identify each line and assign an ID#.

Can I join the study?

Because only males carry a Y-chromosome, participants must be males with the ZALEWSKI surname or direct male bloodline. But that doesn't eliminate females, or males with another surname, from becoming involved. You can ask any male relative (father, brother, uncle, distant cousin) with the Zalewski surname to represent your family line, as long you both descend from a common Zalewski ancestor.

How do I JOIN?

Well, visit the current Zalewski Surname DNA Study website.

What surnames can join?

We are currently seeking Zalewski or similar surnames for the study. If you surname is not listed, contact Brian and let him know. Here are the current surnames: Zalewski, Zalewska, Zalewsky, Zaleski, Zaleska, Zalesky, Salewski, Salewsky, Saleski, Salesky, Zelewski, Zalocki, Zalucki

Need more information?

Disclaimer and Conditions

The project organizer, Brian Zalewski, has no commercial affiliation with any profit making organization and receives no compensation for services or expenses involved with the project. At present, the websites involved with this project are for information, lineages, and posting DNA matching results of participants.

Although, as a participant, you receive a discount at Family Tree DNA, that by no means suggests a business partnership or other relationship between the Project and the Laboratory. All funds are payable only and directly to the Laboratory. The project organizer will not be the recipient nor steward of any DNA samples and has no responsibility for their care, handling or return to participant, nor duty to act on behalf of participant in mediation of any dispute between the Participant and the Laboratory.

While a match between two participants may indicate that they share a common male ancestor, it will not identify the specific ancestor and there is no guarantee that every participant will match another participant.

By participation in the project, the participant agrees to all conditions of the Project.

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