June 1907

The Family Portrait

Frank Zalewski was born 4 Sep 1858 somewhere in Prussia. I have yet to pinpoint his birth place, but as I find more information, the thread is unraveling.

Frank is pictured at the left with his family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in about June 1907. This is the first photo of Frank I had ever seen and one of the first photos in my genealogy research. Truthfully, it’s probably the only official photo I have of Frank. The other photos don’t make it clear if it’s Frank in the photo or not.


The Family Portrait

Back row: Francis (Zalewski) Cybela, Mary (Zalewski) Gierzsewski, Martha (Zalewski) Strelka, Angeline (Zalewski) Pierzchalski, and my great-grandfather Joseph Zalewski. It was Joseph's confirmation (I think) during this photo.

Bottom row: Helen (Zalewski) Stroinski, his wife Anna (Lindner) Zalewski, Agnes (Zalewski) Walczak, Frank Zalewski, Sr, and Frank Zalewski, Jr.

Source: Family Photo

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