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S.S. Weser

Frank and his family immigrated to America in 1889 through Baltimore, Maryland aboard the S.S. Weser from Bremen, Germany. According to Wikipedia, the SS Weser was an ocean liner owned by North German Lloyd. The ship was built in 1867 and served the Bremen-Southampton-New York-Baltimore line from June 1, 1867 until June 13, 1895 when she was transferred to the Bremen-South America service for two roundtrip voyages until being sold to an Italian company in June 1896. She was renamed the Seravalle and flew under the Italian flag. The ship was scrapped in August 1896 in Genoa, Italy.

S.S. Weser

Source: Wikipedia


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  1. Mary L. Abeyta

    My ancestors came from Austria aboard the S.S. Weser in 1873. My great grandfather was Josef Braun and his wife was Therese arrived May 22 1873. My grandmother Anna Marie Braun was about 2.

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