Escape from Wisconsin

There is an interesting story about my great-great-great grandfather that was told to me by my grandmother. Charles Van Price was born in the mid 1800s. He came to the U.S. in 1874, and went to Dousman, Wisconsin. He worked for Mr. Dousman, later moved to Little Chute, Wisconsin, then to Phlox, … [Read more...]

Today’s Links

Here are some interesting links for today: Who Do You Think You Are? - The BBC's section on family history and genealogy. History Detective, DIY - History Detectives give you some tips on how to research your own genealogy. African American Lives - An interesting 4-hour series on genetics … [Read more...]

Tear Down the Wall

Good news. Today I may have broken through one of my genealogy walls. I was doing a little searching on some of my loose ends to see if I could find any more information. Today, I was in my maternal line, specifically on the Peter & Ida Muhm family. I've not had much luck on this family, except for … [Read more...]

More Photos

I added more photos to the photo gallery including the Corrigan and Braatz families. … [Read more...]

Interesting Links

Here are some interesting genealogy links for today. I'll try to do this every few days. Celebrity Family Trees - Great selection of celebrity trees. This is how I found that that I'm probably connected to Robert Goulet. Oooh. National Geograhic's Genographic Project - A great site on the … [Read more...]

Genographic Project

Speaking of genetics and genealogy, I caved a bought one of those DNA tests from National Geographic for their Genographic Project. I find the tracking on ancestors and evolution via DNA very interesting. It turns out that I am part of the Haplogroup R1a which are believed to have been nomadic … [Read more...]


I've moved my "weblog" posts into this area because this allows me more control over everything. Watch this site for the latest info on my major surnames, genealogy news, genetic genealogy, and all kinds of other genealogy-related stuff. I promise to keep it updated and fresh. Feel free to … [Read more...]

Family Tree Online

I've published my basic family tree/ancestors using phpGedView again. Hopefully, they fixed the problem with the last version that I had. Cross our fingers. I only exported my direct ancestral line because I didn't want the file to be too big so it caused any issues. We'll see how it goes for … [Read more...]