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Weekly History: June 6th – 12th

Weekly history from our family tress. As always, you can find any of this information on the Dates & Anniversaries page. June 7th Today is my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! 1669 - Born - Maria Catherina STOLTZENHABER - Maria is my wife's 8th-great-grandmother on her father's side. … [Read more...]

23 and Me

On National DNA Day, April 23rd, there was news that 23andMe was selling the "Complete Edition" of their genetic test for $99. The usual price for this test is $499, so a savings of 80%. I couldn't pass up this deal since a) I am always curious about data and information b) I wanted to go deeper … [Read more...]

Way Back Wednesday

I'm almost positive that this is my grandfather, Richard Zalewski. It was with my grandparent's photos and it looks like a younger version of him. I'm assuming it was taken sometime in the mid-to-late 1920s since Richard was born in 1921. … [Read more...]